Norwegian Forest Cats | Norvég Erdei Macska Tenyészet

plans updated

February 06, 2019

Gallifrey's Norwegian Forest Cat cattery

Boyd is going to be a father soon

SGC HU*Gallifrey's Boyd Crowder of Bluedryad
[SC S*Zimexis Ianto Jones x CH Rinoa Heartilly Laguna Loire*ES]
owner: Jang Won-sun, Bluedryad cattery


February 2019
* We expect kittens! Plans updated >>

January 2019
* Donna's new TICA titles: TGC & QGC!
* Heart & kidney screening for Boyd with perfect result; PKD neg. & HCM/CIN normal.

Dec, 2018
* Felis Hungarica show; Tilly, Klaus & Pomelo 2-2 Cert. & NOM; Izzie new FIFé Champion; Donna new FIFé Grand International Champion & Best in Show!
* New heart & kidney screenings for Donna, Tilly, Pomelo, Klaus and Izzie with perfect results; all of them are PKD negative and HCM/CIN normal.