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we expect kittens!


Jan 13, 2018

Gallifrey's Norwegian Forest Cat cattery

Tilly is expecting her first kittens; new photos



Jan 2018
* Kitten plans updated>>
* Tilly; new photos >>
* Cassie has gained the Distinguished Merit (DM) title!

Dec 2017
* Kittens expected >>
* new photos: Caramel

Nov 2017
* Heart and kidney ultrasound screening for Ianto (4th) and Tilly (1st) with excellent results!
* new photos: Hedda, Pite
* FIFé KKÖ cat show Graz (AT):
- Pomelo: 2 x CAGCIB BIV and BIS!!!
- Donna: 2 x CAGCIB, BIV and 2 x BIS!!!
* MMME club TICA kiállítás Bp., Donna >>

Oct 2017
* FIFé World Show 2017: Mike BIV and NOM >>
* FIFé FH expo Gyõr: Donna ex1 CAGCIB; Tilly ex1 CAC, BIV and new Champion!