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Vermilion Laguna Loire*ES - Milly

female | NFO n 03 22
DOB: 2019-03-21 | pedigree

Father: NW GIC HU*Gallifrey's Mike Ross, JW, DVM
Mother: IC Misty Day Laguna Loire*ES
The parents are: GSD-IV & PK.def. N/N, PKD & HCM/CIN normal
Breeder: Leticia Ibanez (Laguna Loire*ES)

GSD-IV: N/N | PK def: N/N | PKD: soon
HCM/CIN: soon

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Milly was a beautiful gift from our dear friends, Leticia and Juanka (Laguna Loire*ES). She could be ours only for a limited time, which is unfair. Thank you Leticia for this short time we could share with Milly. She was very special, and we miss her terribly. She will always be in our hearts.